Type of The Network card

types of network card
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Different Types of Network card are Ethernet card and Token Ring card .As the name implies Ethernet Card is Used in the nodes Which are connected using Ethernet Technologyand Token ring card is used in the nodes which are connected using Token ring Network.

Ethernet Card

Ethernet Card are of two type ,wired or wireless .To connected a wired Ethernet Card to the Switch or Hub, Ethernet Cables are Used.MAC Address are used by the Switch and hub to transmit data between different Nodes. Wireless Network card have a small antenna which uses radio waves to communicate with the central Wireless hub or switch know as Access Point ( i,ll Try Post To Next Time more info ) Choice of using a wired or wireless Ethernet Card depends on the type of network that is used,

Example , whether the Network is Wired or Wireless . Wireless Card Cannot communicate with a wired Network Card and Vice-Versa Different Type of Network Card can Be used depending on the type of network and corresponding connector that is required.The different types off Ethernet cards are.

Type of The Network card

10base5 (Thicknet) NIC 

This NIC is used to connect a node to a 10Base5 (thicknet) network.it Consists of a 15 pin female DB DIX connector .One end of the AUI ( Attachment Unit interface) cable is connected to NIC Using a DX Connector 10Base 5 ( Thicknet ) Nic
10 Base5 NIC

10Base2 (Thinnet) NIC

10 Base 2 NIC is Used To Connect a Node to a 10 Base2 (Thin Ethernet ) Network , 10Base2 (Thinnet) NIC Consists of a BNC Connector .The Network Cable is Attached to the BNC connector using a T-Connector .10Base2 (Thinnet) NIC 
10Base2 NIC

10BaseT NIC

This NIC is Used to connect a node to a 10BaseT network .An RJ45 ( Most Using ) Connector is present on a 10BaseT NIC and also available on latest NICs such as 100BaseT and Gigabit Ethernet NIC .One end of the Network cable is Connected to the NIC using the RJ45 Connector and the other end is connected to a switch or hub with same connector
10BaseT NIC

Fiber -Optic NIC

Fiber Optic NIC Consists of SC ( Subscriber Channel ) or ST ( Straight tip) connection .These NICs are Mostly preferred for fiber Networking standards 

Token Ring Card

Token Ring Card is an Adapter card that a node uses to connect to a token ring network.Like the Ethernet card ,the token ring card is also assigned a MAC address by IEEE. A maximum of two token ring card can be installed at any node.Out of these two card .one is set primary card and the other as an alternate card a token ring card consists of a nine-pin DIN type connector which is used to connect the card to the network cable 
Token Ring Card 

The Demand of token ring card is still exists and is not outdated completely .token ring NIC connectors are of two type :- Female DB-9 and RJ-45 .in some Token Ring card you will get either DB-9 or RJ-45 connector & in Some card you will get both the ports.

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